Pomet 5 Service


We guarantee fast service, expert repair and reliable service

We ensure that the products manufactured by our Company, meet the current and future expectations of our Customers. The continuous improvement of our personnel, products and production potential is aimed at achieving full satisfaction of our Customers.

PPPM “Pomet” Wronki has had a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 implemented since May 1998.
The personal protective equipment is certified by CIOP-PIB to meet the requirements and is CE marked.

Products covered by the Low Voltage Directive meet the essential health and safety requirements and are CE-marked.

We provide a 12-month guarantee on all products (of the spare parts, only products identifiable by number) to ensure smooth operation. Exceptionally, due to the low failure rate, we provide an 18-month warranty on reducers.

A warranty card is enclosed with each product. We guarantee free repair of the equipment in the event of a defect within the guarantee period “Declarations of Conformity” are provided on our website in PDF format as “downloads”.

For repairs after the warranty period and for reconditioning, we provide an after-warranty service.

We make available the spare parts shown in the ‘Pomet’ catalogue.

The “Pomet” factory service provides answers by telephone (and not only) to any technical problem that arises with our equipment.
Shipping address:
P.P.P.M. “Pomet”
ul. Partyzantów 5,
64-510 Wronki

Before sending the product for complaint, please contact the service or sales department to arrange the means of transport for shipping.
Telephones: (67) 25 45 288 (service), (67) 25 40 473 (commercial) or (67) 25 45 280 (commercial).