Pomet 5 Metal processing 5 CNC lathing

CNC lathing

CNC turning is the modern machining process of removing excess material, using a turning tool. The workpiece is placed in a spindle, the tool makes precise movements to create the designed shape. Turning is the basic CNC machining operation. A computer-controlled machine can produce any shape to the nearest hundredth of a millimetre, and this makes each turned part identical. As a result, parts obtained through CNC turning can meet even the highest standards. The CNC turning process allows materials of different hardnesses to be processed, and this means that we can approach order fulfilment with great flexibility.

Cutting accuracy also means optimum material utilisation, which, combined with shorter production times for turned parts, translates into costs. Computer control guarantees precision and repeatability in production. The computer guides the turning blade and the operator supervises the software. As a result, CNC-turned parts are more efficient than those made by the traditional method.

4000 rpm

Turning precision

12-position head

Technical specifications

Bar turningup to fi 65
Turning in jaws (disc)up to 250


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