Pomet 5 Metal processing 5 Electrodrilling


Electrodrilling is a process that uses direct electric current to drill holes, shape or smooth surfaces. The current flowing between the electrodes causes erosion at the point of contact with the electrode. This process gradually removes material and forms holes, shaping according to specifications. Electrodrilling is a technique that has many applications. It is often used to create holes in hard materials with small diameters. It also allows slots, grooves and other shapes to be cut. Electrodrilling technology can be used to machine materials that are difficult to drill. The advantage of electrodrilling is the accuracy and repeatability of the process.

The Electrodrilling method is used in many industries, such as the automotive industry for cutting holes in engines, the electrical industry for cutting holes in electronic housings and many other components. Electrodrilling can be used for different types of metals such as steel, aluminium and copper.




Technical specifications

Work table size630×400 mm


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