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CNC milling

CNC milling is a machining process in which a computer-controlled machine uses a cutter to remove material from a workpiece so that it is shaped as designed. The cutter performs movements along the X, Y and Z axes which enables operations such as milling, cutting and shaping metal workpieces.

CNC milling technology is characterised by the high precision of the workpieces. This is ensured by the computer control, thanks to which we can achieve the accuracy, perfect fit and functionality of each component. The operator programs the machine according to the technical specifications received from the customer, and then the machine starts machining the workpiece. The automation of this process ensures excellent repeatability and ensures that high volume production can be carried out without the need for human intervention. CNC milling allows you to achieve even the most complex shapes, so you can innovate and create unique products. This technology provides precision, efficiency and versatility.

Technical specifications

Work table790×560 mm


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