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Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal bending on a press brake is a process in which a flat sheet of metal is precisely bent to shape. The press brake uses a pressure of 220 tonnes, allowing even thick and strong sheets to be bent efficiently.

The sheet metal is placed on the working table, then the press is lowered, and as a result of this pressure, the sheet metal is bent, conforming to the press. Professional technology allows us to bend the sheet metal in different shapes and at different angles. This allows us to realise a wide variety of projects. Bending on a press brake ensures excellent bending quality, but also the repeatability of the process. As a result, each component will be formed according to the agreed parameters, regardless of the number of repetitions. Regardless of the size of the order to be produced, it will be completed with the same quality and accuracy of each detail. A state-of-the-art edge bending machine makes it possible to achieve complex patterns or shapes, and advanced technology allows us to meet any challenge.

Technical specifications

Pressure220 tonnes
Maximum sheet length3100 mm
Positioning accuracy0,1 mm


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