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CNC pipe bending

CNC tube bending technology is an advanced process that enables tubes and profiles to be bent precisely to the correct shape and geometry. The tube bending method is widely used in a variety of industries such as metalworking, construction and the furniture industry. The key benefits of tube bending technology are high precision, repeatability of manufactured parts, time and material savings. It is possible to bend various shapes and sizes of pipes.

The primary objective of the technology is to achieve an accurate curvature of the tube without compromising its structural integrity. The process involves applying sufficient force and torque to the pipe to cause the material to deform. Depending on the project, pipes can be bent at different angles and radii of curvature. Our machine park is equipped with a state-of-the-art tube and profile bending machine. It is ideal for bending pipes of various diameters and thicknesses, profiles as well as bars. The CNC tube and profile bending machine ensures professional results such as precision, flexibility and aesthetics of the bent parts.

CNC control


Quality finish

Technical specifications

Tube bending maxfi 62×3
Profile bending max40x40x3
Bar bending maxfi 14


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