Pomet 5 Public procurement

Public procurement

General construction work

We act for:
Prison Service, Police, Courts, Fire Department and other public administration units such as District Councils or Municipalities.

With Pomet, without tendering.
In accordance with the Public Procurement Law, Pomet has a preference to be awarded public contracts up to the threshold level for investment tasks and renovation works carried out (possibility to use Article 94, paragraph 1, point 5 of the Spatial Planning and Development Act only for prison companies)

Scope of services:

  • Refurbishment of facilities: courts, prisons, starosties, municipalities, schools, bridges on water
  • Roads, car parks
  • Demolition of sewage treatment plants
  • Renovation of installations
  • Thermo-modernisations
  • Custom furnishings and equipment
  • Grates, window nets, fences, doors and prison-type locks

Offer for the prison service

We are a manufacturer of equipment for the prison sector. We equip prisons, detention centres, external wards and other units requiring increased monitoring. We produce sturdy furniture for ordinary and monitored cells. Our product range includes beds, lockers, tables and stools, etc. We make security elements such as bars, nets, blanks, doors, etc. We also offer various types of razor wire.

We manufacture our products according to customer needs based on the guidelines of the Director General of the Prison Service.