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Metal stamping

Press metal stamping is an innovative method of forming metal components that enables advanced parts of various shapes and sizes to be precisely formed. The process uses high pressure to press a sheet of metal. The sheet metal stamping process involves placing a sheet of metal on a press and, under weight, stamping it into a pre-designed shape. The stamping technology makes it possible to make complex components such as casings, structural or even decorative elements. It makes it possible to achieve the right shape and structure. The technology of metal stamping on presses ensures high precision moulding, which makes it possible to obtain exact shapes and dimensions for each manufactured part. Pressing allows metal to be formed quickly and efficiently. High volume production stamping saves time and reduces part costs. It is ideal for production for the household appliance industry for the manufacture of components for cookers, washing machines or refrigerators, as well as for the furniture or automotive industry.



Lower production costs

Technical specifications

Presses rangingfrom 16 to 100 ton


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