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Laser sheet metal cutting

Laser cutting technology is very precise and functional. Using laser sheet metal cutting, we can produce the most complex designs. The laser cutting process is non-contact, so the surface remains intact.

Laser cutting in our company is carried out using two technologies. CO2 laser and laser with Fiber technology. Laser cutting with Fiber technology is much faster for thinner metal sheets, inaccessible to traditional equipment. Its main advantage is the ability to precisely cut thinner metal sheets, achieving minimal deformation, which reduces the need for additional finishing of manufactured parts. The use of Fiber technology also allows the laser cutting of sheets with higher reflectivity.

CO2 laser cutting technology is ideal for cutting thick sheets and higher density materials. The CO2 laser is also ideal for cutting curved and unusual shapes, allowing flexibility in design and production.

Whatever the needs of your production, we will select the technology to allow for the fastest delivery with the highest quality.

Fiber technology

Cutting precision down to 0.02 mm

Laser power of 4000 W

Technical specifications

Sheets with dimensions of1500×3000 mm
Steel sheetsup to 15 mm
Stainless steel sheetsup to 10 mm
Aluminium sheetsup to 6 mm


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