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Drop forging

Hot forging is a metal forming process that involves using a press to shape metal parts. To make the hot forged metal more ductile, it is heated to a high temperature. By using the right form and pressure, a variety of shapes can be achieved. Metal shaping using hot forging enables metal to be formed according to specific patterns, achieving precise and durable parts.

It is used in the automotive industry for the production of automotive parts, in the aerospace industry for the production of structural components, in the tooling industry for the production of tools such as spanners, and in the energy industry, as the products are heat resistant and can withstand heavy loads. Hot forging has many advantages. The products produced by using this technology have exceptional strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Hot die forging is an advanced technology that produces components of excellent quality, durability and precision.

Corrosion resistance


High surface

Technical specifications

Impact force4000 kN


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